Sunday, 29 April 2007

Thought I share with you two test illustrations I made for a book I've written (Work in progress - dummy completed - still have to submit to publishers.)

Goodnight, Grandpa is based on a true story. My son Markus was 3 years old when my father died in hospital. That night we had not yet told him that his Grandpa had died. After midnight Markus came into our bedroom and told us that Grandpa had just visited him in his room. Wide awake and in a clear voice he said, “Grandpa came to say goodbye and then he flew away”. For the little boy the encounter was absolutely real. The story stayed with me and eventually became a picture book.

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Unknown said...

hey i'm searching for the book you wrote in 1990 nag oupa i had that book and it got stolen please let me know were i can find it or get it my oldest boy is now 6 and my yougest is nou 8 months love elize