Thursday, 10 May 2007

In Gordon's Bay the sun is shining - we had some rain last night so it is a cool day - wonderful for my crayons - if it is too warm my crayons get too soft! - Here is how I do my skin colour for the little girl in the book I'm working on... I put down a wash of cinnamon colour then darken shadow areas with the cinnamon pastal on top of the wash - then smooth the whole area with the salmon colour pastel - then work on top with white pastel -blending and lightening the areas nearest to my light source - if I want to darken areas more I use the cinnamon again or add some periwinkle blue and blend it in with the cinnamon or salmon pastels - For my line I use my line Indigo blue oil pastel - not black - I find black too hard and if I want an even softer out line I use the cinnamon pastel - sharpened to a sharp point.

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