Monday 6 April 2009

Some more roughs of Kootjie Totjie

At the moment I'm busy with a picture book of one of CJ Langenhoven's children's stories - Tootjie Kotjie - publisher is Protea Boekhuis.

Just finished the rough illustrations - still to do the finals.
Finish art illustration - Back & Front cover - background painted with water colour then on that I worked with my oil pastels

Rough illustration with darker background with text- Colour done in photoshop

Rough illustration with darker background - Colour done in photoshop

Rough illustration - Colour done in photoshop

Rough Drawing

This is the second design - colour also inserted in photoshop - The publisher decided on a darker background
This design the publisher felt it might not appeal to boy - Asked for something "rougher"
The colour on this illustration was done VERY FAST in photoshop - Just so that the publisher could get the colour feel

After a winderful break during which I did NO WORK except make Christmas presents I started started working beginning of February 2009 - I climbed onto a roller coaster - Did a reader for Cambridge and then did a new cover illustration for the Afrikaans addition of Mr Humperdinck's wonderful Whatsit
Went through a few possibilities - Here are two examples
This book was completed just before Christmas - I think it will be released in May.

These are the finish art

these are the rough illustrations

These very very rough illustrations were thumbnail sketches
After delivering the Christmas card illustrations for NB Publishers - I started on a book for LAPA Publishers called Bertus soek 'n Boek written by Jaco Jacobs.

Finished (click on illustration to see bigger image)

after all animals were done I work on darking areas and lighting areas and working on the background - adding energy swirls

Then I started with the flying animals first puttong down a wash then working with my crayons