Tuesday 11 August 2009

I am so excited about the projects I'm working on at the moment - working on two books at the same time - One is a fantasy story by a well known South African writer - in Afrikaans... Soek-soek op soek, for Tafelberg publishers
The second is Alice in Wonderland!!! - a translation into Afrikaans by the awards winning author Andre P Brink... Die Avonture van Alice

See below some character studies and test illustrations
These are the first character studies I did of Alice - the publishers wanted to see a more traditional Alice so I did the ones belowAnd here are two rough illustrations I'm really looking forward to do this job!

See quite a few more new postings below.
Some rough & test illustrations for the book I'm working on...

A test illustration in ink and penRough drawing in pencil
Character studies of the main character in the book - Soek-soek, a gnome
The second project is an story by Elsabe Steenberg (well known Afrikaans children's book writer). Fantasy story of war between the gnomes and the mice - Soek-soek op soek, a chapter book (Black&white illustrations with full colour cover)
Here are some character studies and test illustrations
I inserted some of the finish artwork of the book I worked on in April, Kootjie Totjie, into the previous posts where I posted rough drawings - enjoy. The book should be appearing soon. Since May I've been very busy... gave a workshop... How to draw children, in June, - then were actively involved in the Cape Town Book Fair. I was looking forward to take a bit of a holiday, but then I got two very exciting project so no holiday - straight back to my desk - see new post above..